“Isobel has an incredible way with people. She is deeply intuitive and naturally empathic which makes her a brilliant therapeutic coach. Her passion and curiosity also means she’s a very talented sports therapist.” Loretta Fox | Psychotherapist

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Isobel Cripps

“Life is a beautiful journey, but just like any other journey, you’re guaranteed some bumps along the way. It helps to have a map – aka - Life Coach!

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  • Aside from being a genuinely wonderful person, Isobel has a unique strength in understanding both the body AND the mind. This combination is what makes her personal training sessions so effective, enjoyable and personalised. Her Stretchologie group class is also fantastic – I look forward to it every week. Every muscle in my body is lengthened and stretched, and each class feels fresh and different. There is nothing else like it in my opinion. Highly recommend!

    Lauren Callaghan Avatar Lauren Callaghan

    I have just had the most wonderful treatment with Isobel. The care and attention that she shows are above and beyond. A treatment when you’re in pain is definitely not relaxing but Isobel still makes you feel relaxed and in the best hands.

    Carolyn Messina Avatar Carolyn Messina

    I cannot recommend highly enough Stretchology with Isobel! This is the class which I look forward to every week. This class gives time and space to pay loving attention to your body and stretch every muscle and joint under Isobel’s caring supervision. Along side physical benefits, it helps me to relax. Regardless of how busy or stressful my day had been, this is the class where I can reconnect with my inner self. Isobel has an incredible skill of running the class in a calm and attentive manner. She is absolutely brilliant.

    Anna AE Avatar Anna AE
  • I had ongoing back pain, having suffered for approximately 2 years, with experience of seeing different chiropractors, physios and taking strong prescribed pain killers! I was physically and mentally in a bad place, feeling no one was interested or could help me! I was referred to Isobel by a close friend. OMG, I cannot thank my friend or Isobel enough. After the first treatment I knew I’d found someone who could help me and literally cried tears of relief at finally finding someone who was genuinely interested in helping and educating me, rather than making a quick buck! Isobel is a true professional, she is an expert at what she does and is gifted with healing and magic hands and a calming, supportive nature. I cannot recommend Isobel enough as she’s sorted out my back and I’m virtually pain free. I have my life back now, I can hit the gym and train (which I love to do) and it’s all credit to Isobel. Thank you so very much, I am so very grateful – even though it’s painful and I swear my head off, you always help me and have put me back together. Thank you 💕

    Carly Sharp Avatar Carly Sharp

    Isobel is very knowledgeable and a natural healer. Her holistic approach ensures all aspects of your physical and mental well-being are catered for. She is currently working on my injured knee and with each treatment my leg improves. For someone so small she can certainly exert a lot of pressure. Highly recommend.

    Anouska Avatar Anouska

    A friend suggested that I attend Isobel’s Stretchologie classes, as I’ve been suffering with a frozen shoulder for quite a few months. I’ve attend four classes now and I cannot begin to tell you, the difference it’s making. It sets me up for my weekend and the improvement it’s made to my shoulder is great. Thank you so much.

    Valerie Weaver Avatar Valerie Weaver
  • Stretchology is a must, if you haven’t tried it, you need to. I know that I have extremely tight muscles but until I started doing Isobel’s classes I didn’t realise how bad they were. Since starting Isobel’s classes 2 years ago, every muscle has improved in flexibility and I thank her for the care and attention she gives to us all in her classes. Thank you Michele

    Michele Peter Avatar Michele Peter

    I attend a HIT class followed by Stretchology and both are excellent. Isobel’s knowledge of how the body works and what muscles we are targeting is insightful and vast. I find Stretchology keeps my body supple and helps keep niggly pains at bay. They’re great classes for all levels and hugely enjoyable. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Sam Symons Avatar Sam Symons

    I love Isobel’s classes and her Runner Bean fitness retreats. The annual retreat brings like minded women together for fitness, food and frolicks, with laughter and fascinating chats.

    Lorren Rea Avatar Lorren Rea