There is nothing more valuable in life than our health.

When I qualified as a Fitness Coach and Trainer back in 2003, my personal objective and one that I wanted to inspire in others, was to be strong and healthy with a body that would stand the test of time, hence the name, ABody4Life. I wholeheartedly believe in an holistic approach.

It’s not about being skinny and beautiful that gets us through this life without physical pain and ailments – it’s about how we take care of the body we were born with, whatever shape, size or genetics we’re predisposed to.

My coaching skills and wellbeing knowledge now make it possible for me to work very holistically with my clients.

If you are seeking a healthier, stronger body, lifestyle and mindset with a real desire to make some positive changes, I am potentially the right wellbeing and sports therapist for you.

Tuning In Pain, discomfort, tension are messages we should never ignore. Don’t train your brain to override the signals – tune in, respond, feel better. But of course, we must understand the root cause first if we are to make long lasting positive changes to our health, so I will always encourage clients to consider other factors, like the emotional connection, their diets and gut health, posture and sleep health. Sometimes the simplest changes can have the biggest impact Injuries

Of course, it’s slightly different when we’re dealing with injuries, many times these occur through sport or accidents. Recovering from them though requires a programme of stretch and rehabilitation exercises, so our mindset is key to the recovery success.

Anyone that knows me will sense how passionate I am about my work as a therapist and coach. It frustrates me that so many people are suffering so unnecessarily. With a little more information shared, we can alleviate so much of this and avoid poor mental health and chronic problems, especially in later life. Awareness and prevention is key and if I can do just a little bit, in my little corner of the world, to contribute to that, then I am very happy.

What messages is your body giving you?

Ignoring pain or discomfort is a mistake. We need to be curious and tune in to the messages our body is giving us. Do you need physical therapy or support to feel good again?