School is a minefield of hormones, pressure, expectations and comparisons; it’s no wonder some children struggle.

More now than ever before, schools are recognising the need for emotional support and guidance for their pupils. There is more pressure on young people now and the demands, struggles and expectations of every day life are having a very damaging effect on our children. We need to coach them in resilience and self compassion. We need to help them understand it’s ok to not always be ok and this too, like most things, will pass. We need to support them on their journeys to becoming the best versions of themselves they can be. How can we do this?

We need to listen more, encourage and empower. I believe wholeheartedly that children and adolescents should be spoken to in a way that demonstrates trust and respect for them;

and the first step towards earning their respect is by treating them as our equals and understanding that their experiences and feelings are unique to them.

Yes, it is our job to guide and teach, but it is in the listening that we build their self esteem and confidence so that they can become the best adult versions of themselves that they deserve to be. 

I feel passionately about developing confidence in young children and empowering adolescents to follow their dreams and be true to themselves.

My hopes and dreams would have felt far more achievable if I’d had support and encouragement when I was struggling through my teenage years.

Let’s not try to solve all their problems, let’s listen harder and support them in their problem solving and decision making. After all, they are the future and labelling them ‘snowflakes’ doesn’t say much about us!

If you are interested in running a series of workshops within your school setting, please contact me to discuss. I have many workshops I can suggest but I am always really happy to work to your specific requirements and most importantly, those of your pupils’ needs.

Does your school offer its pupils Personal Development Coaching?

Statistics have shown that young people respond more positively to a Coaching approach than any other intervention, because it’s an empowering and a listening focused approach.