With support, we have a real chance to realise our true potential.

Life Coaching is the most common term we hear used, but I prefer to think of it as Personal Development Coacherapy. It’s about having someone support you to identify the areas of your life you need and want to change. It’s about feeling comfortable enough to share the stuff that you’ve been hiding from others; the stuff that has a tight grip on you and holds you back. 

Now whether that’s lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, or something deeper and more painful, like shame and abuse, we have to share it to disempower it and find the tools to move forward.

Your coach or coacherapist – as I refer to myself – is there to help you identify the ways in which you can move forward and be the happiest version of yourself. When we learn to drive, we hire the services of an instructor. Hiring a Life Coach is like having a sat nav for your life’s journey. 

You’re steering the car, they are just alerting you to heavy traffic so you can consider alternative routes!

The choice of destination is, of course, only yours to make, but having someone challenge those limiting beliefs and choices so that you can ask yourself, “Is that what I really want?” and “Is that what’s really right for me?” is a very powerful thing. Coaching gives us clarity and focus which leads to a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment, something most of us search for in life, but many never achieve.

What beliefs do you have that could be holding you back

Having a therapeutic Coach can help you uncover these limiting beliefs and move beyond them. It takes courage and the desire for change. I’m right here to help you do that.