A strong team is built on emotional intelligence.

Coaching for emotional intelligence and clear communication are key elements in building a strong and happy team.

I have coached restaurant Front of House teams for many, many years. Restaurants these days are a big melting pot of nationalities and cultures. With time, most skills can be learnt, but ultimately coaching teams to support and mentor one another encourages a deeper understanding and sense of commitment. 

This can apply to any business, not just restaurants, but if you’ve ever dined somewhere and come away feeling happy because of the interaction with the staff,

it’s most likely they’re part of a happy team with a strong rapport. Emotional intelligence plays a huge part in this. Appreciating each other’s personality types and communication styles encourages empathy and understanding.

Quite often, in the corporate world there is lack of emotional intelligence and compassion shown, but I believe this is a mistake and coaching with compassion and empathy will not only encourage leaders to be more human, it will result in greater staff loyalty and happiness at work.

Coaching your team demonstrates how important you take their mental wellbeing; it shows you support their personal development and growth. Gone are the days when we can give someone the job and expect them to deliver the best results without support and understanding. We can no longer ignore stress and poor performance, we must create a culture of happiness and compassion if we are to build dedicated, high performing, resilient teams.

How do you support your Team?

Do you encourage open communication and feedback? Are emotions banned from your workplace or do you recognise them as an integral part of a team’s psyche?

Coaching your team means investing in your business. Let me know if I can help.